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Staying at Home Made us 'Wild'

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Journalist and filmmaker Erick Galindo hosts the new podcast Wild about origin stories of growing up and the transformation that occurs set in the backdrop of the year of staying at home in the pandemic. From LAist Studios the series launches June 21.

The 10-episode season looks at the little ways that the pandemic shaped us living at home and tells stories of people across Los Angels and is produced Megan Tan, who Adweek previously honored as “Producer of the Year” for her work on California Love.

Erick says “During the pandemic, surroundings stayed the same, and yet so much life happened within the confines of our homes. As I reflected on my own experience of moving into my families’ home for nearly a year, I began to think about how the sudden uprooting and reinvention under challenging circumstances is the closest I’ve felt to the immigrant experience that my parents had. I wanted to create this series as a time capsule of who we’ll become as a result of these experiences. While the world may snap back to a facsimile of what it was before, maybe us as individuals won’t, and this series is about embracing that transformation with positivity and hopefulness for what’s to come.”

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