How Are the Food Delivery Apps Affecting Society?


The food delivery wars really kicked off in high gear when everyone was at home ordering food and Land of The Giants launched a 4-part series in collaboration with Eater that looks at the phenomenon and what the future holds in Delivery Wars.

Hosted by food writer and host of See Something, Say Something, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Delivery Wars surveys a new landscape.

Land of the Giants series Delivery Wars from Recode has a trailer and they’ve announced what each of the four episodes will be focused on.

Episode 1:  How the food industry works + what’s at stake

What’s the cost of all these food delivery services?

Episode 2: Money (tech-focused)

Are the apps making a profit? If not, who is?

Episode 3: Delivery Workers

The battle over how much to pay the drivers and whether or not they’re classified as employees or independent contractors.

Episode 4: Ghost Kitchens + Future of Food Delivery 

The delivery apps have created so much demand for food that some kitchens have opened up only to make food for the apps.


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