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They Launched to Help BIPOC Creators

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

A new support group for BIPOC people on Facebook called BIPOC Podcast Creators is now available. It was founded by producer Maribel Quezada and podcaster Tangia Renee Estrada to make the podcast industry more accessible to those in need.

Maribel Quezada says they started BIPOC Podcast Creators because “after being in the podcasting world they realized two main things:

1. There is very limited access to higher level resources for people of color in podcasting. Meaning, that we are a part of groups and networks where only the 101 is discussed and we really need a higher level of knowledge in order to grow and sustain our shows.

2. There is a lack of mainstream awareness about BIPOC shows and podcast creators. We want to amplify the voices of BIPOC Podcast creators as well as podcasters. Meaning we are a group for folks who produce, edit, write, cast, even do PR for podcasts and consider themselves a BIPOC individual, you don’t have to be a podcaster, just work in podcasting to be a part of the group, which we believe will help grow the network of BIPOC creators in podcasting.

“As BIPOC podcasters ourselves, we know there is a need in the podcasting space for those of us that are no longer newbies and are looking for more accessible ways to grow within the industry,” said Tangia Renee Estrada, Co-Founder of the group.

“One of our goals is to connect group members to more established and influential industry folks, in order to learn from their expertise and access higher-level support. As I’ve grown in my podcasting career, I’ve found it difficult to connect with people who are past the newbie stage, and are willing to share their knowledge with others,” said Co-Founder Maribel Quezada Smith.”

Membership is free but it is a private group and you must be accepted first.

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