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Who Wants to Be a Famous Singer?

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From Deadline, The Chainsmokers, an EDM pop group known for the song Closer will launch Breakthrough, on Audible which may be the first-ever singing competition started on a podcast. There is no website or trailer available.

Similar in concept to television shows like American Idol and the Voice, the series will follow undiscovered singers following their dreams of stardom through a series of challenges with one artist crowned the winner at season’s end.

The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, will produce through their production banner Kick The Habit Productions. The series was created in collaboration with At Will Media, which is behind Apple’s forthcoming original Siegfried & Roy podcast series as well as Bill Clinton’s Why Am I Telling You This? and Audible original series Sorry Charlie Miller starring Zachary Quinto.

“This show is all about community and passion for music, along with providing a massive stage for undiscovered artists who haven’t had the opportunity for their voices to be heard… without being judged for any other reasons,” said The Chainsmokers’ Pall and Taggart.

Rachel Ghiazza EVP, Head of US Content, Audible, added, “This first-of-its-kind singing competition is an expansion of Audible’s mission to innovate within the audio medium while also supporting and spotlighting emerging talent. We’re thrilled to collaborate with The Chainsmokers and At Will Media to bring this exceptionally fun and unique format to Audible listeners.”

“This innovative series will completely change the game for singing competitions. It’s an amazing opportunity for undiscovered voices to be heard; phenomenal talent can surface from any basement or bedroom, anywhere in the country, and we can’t wait to find these voices. We want listeners to meet these artists where they are—no fancy stages or audition rooms needed. A podcast lets us do that so well,” said Will Malnati, Founder and CEO of At Will Media. “We’re excited to redefine the genre with Audible and The Chainsmokers, who are both longtime supporters of emerging talent.”

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