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Con Man or Spy?

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A Spotify Original from Parcast, Imposters: The Spy launched its first two episodes about the wild possibly true story that Wayne Simmons, a Fox News Star who said he was a spy for the CIA, might have been a con man.

Wayne Simmons was a Fox News star for more than a decade and all his appearances on television were because of his story that he was a retired spy of 27 years for the CIA. Eventually, he was arrested while maintaining his story was true, but was it?

The podcast looks at the world of espionage and how power operates in secret and searches for truth in an era when no one can agree on facts.

The first episode follows journalist Alex French who says he’s always been fascinated by spy stories and what led him to follow the story of Wayne Simmons.

In the second episode, Wayne meets with Alex and shows him a black binder to prove that his story is true.

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