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Wait What Raises $12 Million in Capital

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WaitWhat the company that describes itself as a “media invention company” has closed a round of $12 million according to TechCrunch. Even though they’ve accumulated 70 million downloads, co-founders June Cohen and Deron Triff say they want to move beyond podcasting.

“We’re working on an innovative content format for physical well-being that lives inside of workouts, but will come at the experience through storytelling,” they said. “After physical well-being, we see intergenerational experiences (parent/child) as another interesting white space that plays into habit and human potential, and are in the early stages of developing a television series to explore this arena.”

WaitWhat is known for the podcasts Masters of Scale from Reid Hoffman, and Meditative Story among others.

Their capital was raised by “Raga Partners, with Laurene Powell Jobs’ firm Emerson Collective, Lupa Systems, Capital One Ventures, Maywic Select Investments, GingerBread Capital, Burda Principal Investments, Cue Ball Capital, and Reid Hoffman also participating.”

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