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(SPONSORED) Podcast Industry 2022 Resolutions

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“Podcast apps haven’t solved the need for connection between creators and audiences,” said Travis Brown, Founder Pod Decks. “Podcasts are a busy one-way street that leaves creators wondering if their message is getting through.” Vodacast wants to change that.

At Vodacast we wanted to start this new year with a set of resolutions. Consider the list below a call to arms, not only for podcasters trying to find the best places for fans to engage, but also for all the other applications and platforms. Let’s make this situation better for the medium we’re all so passionate about.

In 2022…

  • Close the gap between what’s good for apps and what’s good for podcasters

When considering the podcasting app landscape, most podcatchers/players do not provide meaningful revenue and marketing benefits to podcasters. The Vodacast platform hopes to alter this landscape by allowing podcasters the opportunity to connect with fans, promote branded content, and discover new revenue opportunities. At the heart of the Vodacast experience is an interactive feed, providing listeners supplemental bonus content to accompany the audio storytelling. 

  • Make fan-and-publisher dialogue a priority

We are currently providing podcasters the opportunity to tell deeper stories with rich, digital content meant to compliment the audio. When referencing articles or describing images in an episode, podcasters can utilize the Vodacast Hub to create visual timelines to enhance their stories. In the future, we’ll offer polls, contests, and more, further enhancing the connection between podcaster and fan. In addition, Vodacast hopes to enable features where fans can participate in the creation of digital content, providing meaningful contributions and dialogue to episodes

  • Create more branding & revenue opportunities

Most podcasters already have existing brands built around their audio, and Vodacast allows podcasters to promote this branded content. Today, the Morbidology podcast uses links in the Vodacast digital feed to promote published books on Amazon, as well as exclusive content. When participating podcasters promote merchandise, direct response digital content can be placed in the episode feed and link out to stores, allowing listeners to pick up t-shirts or support the show. Podcasters who work with sponsors also can offer direct response digital ads to compliment the audio as a value add. Currently in development, Vodacast’s Flex Revenue Engine will allow podcasters to customize their revenue potential by offering episodes on-demand or for subscriptions. 

In the spirit of open RSS ecosystems, Vodacast is available to all podcasters who are interested in verifying their podcasts and accessing the Hub. Digital feeds can be distributed through a link and dropped into the show notes, allowing fans on other apps to experience enhanced episodes. To learn more about Vodacast, please visit, or reach out to Blake Redson, VP Product and Operations, for more

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