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New Short-Audio Platform Launches

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Jam is a new platform that allows creators to share and listen to bite-sized audio.

Jam CEO Pete Davies says, “Short audio connects creators and listeners in a genuinely new way… it’s personal and authentic, like a voicemail left by a friend. Jam makes it easy for creators to record their insight, news, or message, and delivers it to listeners at a time that’s right for them - whether they’re walking the dog, running a quick errand, or making lunch."

To get started with Jam, users sign up with their phone number or text LISTEN to 552266, then curate a list of Jams to receive each morning via text. The Jam library is constantly expanding to include more content from across categories and genres.

“In the age of short-form content, audio has largely been left out. It’s puzzling because to us, audio is the best way to convey emotion and create a genuine connection between creative shorts and their listeners,” said Chris Pruett, Co-Founder and CTO of Jam. “With Jam we’ve built an engaging, inclusive, and convenient way for creators and listeners to communicate, without either having to sacrifice too much of their busy day.”

More info on JAM can be found HERE.

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