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Is Apple Planning 'One More Thing' for Podcasting?

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Is the sleeping giant waking up? Rumor has it that at Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event on Tuesday, April, 20th they will announce some sort of premium podcast service and the fact that they aren’t accepting new podcasts is adding fuel to that fire.

Peter Kafka of Recode Media posted on Twitter that he was “pretty sure Apple is prepping its own podcast plan - a paid subscription service on Tuesday.” Then the next day Apple Insider discovered that Apple was no longer allowing new podcasts to be uploaded for review which they felt was a pretty clear sign that Apple was preparing something for Spring Loaded.

All this in addition to the fact that Apple with the addition of their television program The Line has been running companion podcasts to their very recent television programs could point to the fact that Apple may be planning a major change to podcasts, and the “sleeping giant” sensing a challenge from Spotify, could finally be getting ready to wake up.

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