He Launched Because of a Family Tragedy


In our quest to discover why you are all launching podcasts, Steve Heisler tells PBJ he launched his podcast after a family tragedy when he was in law school back in 1986. His grandfather went in for routine back surgery and never left the hospital.

Heisler says his grandfather had a stroke on the operating table and died several days later. “He was elderly with a heart condition and should not have been approved for the surgery.  That incident remained with me for a long time, especially that it seemed to me that the medical establishment see the elderly as a profit center and put that before patient safety.”

That’s what drove Heisler to start the National Injured Senior Law Center  and his podcast  The Injured Senior Podcast.

The podcast is about educating and informing the senior and elderly population about issues that arise both medically and legally when they’re injured. Heisler says a lot of times, those injuries should not have happened, and are due to the negligence of the medical community, nursing homes, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, businesses and individuals. “We have experts come on and discuss what are the standards that these institutions should be held to and what to do if they don’t. I’m an attorney and I handle cases when seniors and the elderly are failed by these institutions.”

He would like his podcast to be the “go to” source for injured seniors and elderly and their children and loved ones when they need information about injuries, diseases and conditions that have caused them to suffer. “I also want the aforementioned to listen to our show to get information about how NOT to become an injured senior or elder.

Heisler uses Simplecast to host and uses social media and an e-mail list of clients to get the word out about his show.

Contact Steve Heisler by e-mail at [email protected]