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Acast Launches Audio Pride Parade

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Starting today, Acast will be hosting its first Audio Pride Parade. Special podcast episodes from Acast creators will be published as a virtual audio parade, as LGBTQIA+ Pride moves between each country and event.

The podcasts will focus on what Pride means to podcasters, and their favourite memories and moments in Pride history.

The parade will be supported by Acast Recommends, Acast’s suggestion tool that aids in podcast discovery for listeners.

The Audio Pride Parade starts in Los Angeles, USA, with a special episode from The Young Turks, before moving on to France, Australia, Ireland and Canada, all in June. By the end of August, the parade will have stopped 17 times and visited nine different countries.

Alexandra Fuller, Senior Partner Manager, UK at Acast, said: “Pride is an opportunity for celebration and joy in the LGBTQIA+ community, while also serving as a protest and an opportunity to highlight common struggles and inequalities. We’re aiming to bring one of Pride’s most well-known physical features — the moving float — to podcasting. Our creators are the lifeblood of our community, so we’re taking the time to celebrate them and give them bigger platforms to enjoy Pride."

Matt Marr, co-host of the Reality Gays podcast, said: “Pride is an important time for the Gay community, and as podcasters, using our voices is our most powerful tool to celebrate. On our special Acast Audio Pride Parade episode, we’re going to be chatting about how we celebrate Pride each year, how our fans and listeners experience Pride, and why it means so much to our friends and community.”

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