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Zencastr Introduces Video Platform

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Zencastr has announced it has released a new video podcast platform. The company has also released new features, including remote HD 4k video recording, team plans, distribution and monetization.

“Zencastr has always been a home for audio podcasters and we are very excited to help them expand their reach through video distribution,” said Josh Nielsen, founder and CEO of Zencastr. At Zencastr, we believe the future of podcasting depends deeply on helping podcasters easily create and find their audience. Our platform was built by the creator, for the creator – we make it simple for anyone to record, edit and launch high-quality studio level podcasts quickly and easily from anywhere. By launching our platform and video offering to all, we are lowering the barrier to entry and making it even easier for anyone around the world to create high-quality video podcasts to grow their audience quickly.”

Now, as part of the Zencastr platform, podcasters have access to new features, including:

  • Record in HD 4k Video
    • o High quality HD 4k remote video recording (premium feature)
    • o Audio-only recording if preferred
    • o Solo recording or the ability to record with up to 12 guests
  • Edit Audio and Video
    • o Automated editing using smart filters (premium feature)
    • o Ability to convert audio-to-video for increased engagement
    • o Post-production AI technology for professional sound in seconds
  • Host and Distribute to Major Players
    • o Audio and video hosting on all major directories that support secure RSS
    • o Distribute to Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts
    • o Unlimited storage and audio downloads
  • Monetize and Unlock Brand Opportunities
    • o Connect with, accept or deny prospective advertisers
    • o Ad Campaign attribution and tracking
    • o Access “boosts” to grow reach of your podcast/shows
    • o Self-service analytics and real-time performance data and insights

“Since the beginning, we have been on a mission to address some of the toughest podcast creation challenges – notably the fragmentation that exists in the market today. With Zencastr’s latest product release, we are saving podcast creators time and money by consolidating 14+ tools into one platform. Without Zencastr, it can take six hours to publish a single episode. Now they can now get up and running in just a few clicks, which can mean hundreds of hours saved annually,” said Adrian Lopez, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Zencastr.

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