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You’re Reaching The Younger Generation

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The radio industry has been battling a perception that the younger generations do not listen to AM/FM radio much, that they are all about Tik Tok, YouTube and their own music collection. They may have another platform to worry about when it comes to the kids…yours.

According to Westwood One Executive Pierre Bouvard, who writes in his latest blog, the median age of the podcast listener is 34. Compare that to radio which has a median age of 48. Bouvard also says your audience is pretty upscale.

He says not only are your listeners making decent money they are educated. “53% of persons 18+ who have listened to an audio podcast in the past 30 days are employed in a white-collar occupation. 39% hold management positions and 55% have a household income of $75,000+, making this group an audience advertisers want to reach.”

Read Bouvard’s entire post HERE

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