You Must Be Everywhere – Offline Too!


(By Troy Price) Pat Flynn recommends we should be everywhere online. Here’s a link to a 2010 blog post where he talks about this concept: Read that and you will be convinced of the benefits of being everywhere online. I suggest that you consider being everywhere your podcast audience is offline as well.

Offering a face-to-face interaction with your listener will result in a stronger connection than few other efforts will create. So to that end, here are a few suggestions for being everywhere offline.

#1) Offer opportunities for people to join a public live recording of your podcast. You are going to be recording a podcast, why not make it an opportunity to be available offline too. Simply pick a public place to record your show and publicize the recording place and time. You will be surprised how far people will drive just to watch the sausage be made.

#2) Volunteer to speak about podcasting and how to listen to podcasts at your local Library, Church, and Senior Citizen Center. If you forge partnerships with these organizations, you can introduce new people to podcasting and find loads of new listeners to your show.

#3) Go to an existing local podcaster’s meet-up (and if there is not one currently – create a meet-up of your own. It is great to bring new listeners in, but you should always find ways to cultivate relationships with other pocasters.

#4) Attend regional and national podcasting events with your promotional materials in hand. And if you are so inclined you should invite other people to go with you. You never know where connections built at these events can take you.

#5) Submit to speak at any local, regional or national events you can, and work podcasting into your presentation, whatever your topic. Presenting at events allows you to be viewed as an expert, that will also extend to your podcasting efforts if you bring your podcast into your presentation as well.

#6) Introduce yourself to the leaders in the podcasting world and offer to contribute to their efforts. Just being connected with influencers in the podcasting space elevates your position.

#7) Lastly, think of yourself as a product and remember to always be selling. The ‘always’ part is especially important when you are selling yourself. Think about how you can promote your podcasting efforts in the real world at least daily and take clear actions to do so at least weekly. You will create opportunities for yourself far beyond what I could write about here…

There you go, seven tips to be everywhere off-line that will help you with your online efforts. Have you found any off-line activities that have benefited your online efforts? Please share anything you have learned in the comments below.

Troy Price is the co-founder of Front Porch Studios in Berea, Kentucky. He’s been involved with podcasting for over a decade. Reach Troy by email at


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