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X Fronts Unveil More Speakers

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The X Fronts, being held October 28th, focus on the independent podcaster. More than 60 speakers and 15 networks will be part of the event. More names and presentations have just been announced…

On October 28th, if you REGISTER, here is some of what you’ll see:

Jordan Harbinger (The Jordan Harbinger Show) speaking with Sam Parr (My First Million).

A Profile of Welcome to Nightvale host and Nightvale Presents Co-Founder Jeffrey Cranor.

Acast explores the power of women in podcasting with Director of Partnerships Tiffany

Ashitey, Earios Co-Founder Maria Blasucci, Producer of PANTS and Directionally Challenged Melisa Monts, and Director of Acast Creative Shantae Howell.

Simplecast teaches you about reaching and capitalizing on niche audiences.

Executives from Gumball, QCODE, Loud Speakers Network, Lemonada Media and more.

Appearances by Julián Castro, Touré, Nadya Okamoto, Open Mike Eagle and 60+ more.

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