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Wrongful Conviction Adds Host

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This is an archived page from 2022. Find out more

Lava for Good has announced that journalist Maggie Freleng will join Jason Flom, who created the podcast Wrongful Conviction, hosting her own episodes that explore a different wrongful conviction case every week.

Freleng, hosts and produces the podcast SuaveMurder in Alliance, and Unjust and Unsolved, has been featured by the_ LA Times_, MSNBC, People, HLN, WNYC, NPR, NBC, WHYY, The Boston Globe, and HuffPost. She has been named a “NPR Next Generation Radio fellow,” and counted in Ford Foundation’s “50 Women Can Change the World in Journalism.” In addition, Freleng was formerly an on-screen journalist for VICE and Oxygen.

_Wrongful Conviction with Maggie Freleng _launches in May 2022.

“Ever since I started working in the wrongful conviction space, Jason Flom was someone I admired,” said Freleng. “Lava for Good doesn’t just tell stories; it changes lives. As a journalist who has spent years shining the light on issues such as mental illness and criminal justice, I understand the power of affecting change not only through reporting, but also human connections. It’s truly a dream of mine to partner with Lava for Good and use our cumulative resources to change our communities for the better.”

“When you are wrongfully convicted and locked up in a cage, justice can’t wait,” said Flom. “Our mission is to bring these powerful human stories to the forefront of our public consciousness, to help right these wrongs and to help prevent them from happening with the same numbing regularity in the future. Maggie Freleng is a master at her craft, an expert in the field of criminal justice and a fierce advocate for countless wrongfully convicted men and women. We are extremely proud to have her join us to host this series.”

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