Fashion Couple Find What Works For Them

Cloud10 and iHeartMedia released the first two episodes of the new podcast Works for Us with Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman. In ‘Works’ Rachel Zoe, a fashion designer, and her husband Rodger Berman talk about what makes relationships work and what doesn’t.


The pair have been together for almost thirty years as life partners in relationships and business, where they serve as co-CEOs of CURATEUR and Rachel Zoe Inc.

“I wanted to do a podcast centered around relationships because, over the years, people have honestly spent more time talking to me about their relationships – in every sense of the term – than they have talked to me about fashion and style,” said Zoe.

“Rachel and Rodger have such incredible chemistry, and it’s fun to see that in action on Works For Us,” said Cloud10 Media CEO/executive producer Sim Sarna. “They get so excited about their guests’ stories that they often complete each other’s interview questions.”

Additionally, the pair will also be chatting with best friends, business partners, siblings, mother/daughter duos, and more. As Berman puts it, “We have a pretty low bar about what we will accept as a relationship, so provided you know the other person, we’re pretty much happy to talk to you.”



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