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Wondery: Podcast Ads Better At Penetrating The Mind

· Time to read: ~2 min

This is an archived page from 2019. Find out more

In conjunction with Mindshare’s Neurolab, Wondery released the results of a study comparing the effects of podcast ads to social media video ads.

The study is called “Your Brain on Podcasts,” and concludes that sound, not video, is the most effective way to accomplish trust and attention with consumers.┬áThat, despite the fact that the majority of ad budgets are spent on social media and search.

The study did not reveal how many people were in the study, their ages or how the study was actually conducted, so take that into consideration when you read the details, all of which were put out by Wondery.

Here’s whey the 20-page study concluded: - Podcasts grow brand trust, social media vide decreases it. - Podcasts are more memorable and engaging than social media ads (+38% higher average memory encoding during podcast ads compared to the same brand ads on social media during branding mentions) - Podcasts ads create more emotional connection than social media ads (+27% higher average emotional intensity for podcast ads compared to social media ads) - On average, Podcast ads are encoded with higher emotional intensity than ads on social media video. - Emotional intensity grows in longer ads on podcasts, as if the ads themselves were individual stories. - Host read and producer read podcast ads tell more emotionally intense stories than social media video.

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