Will Listeners Pay $6 To Listen To A Radio Host?


That’s what a fired Atlanta radio host is hoping for. In fact he says he’ll need about 4,000 to 5,000 listeners to sign up as paid subscribers in order to make his show work as a podcast.

Kim “The Kimmer” Peterson has worked in Atlanta radio for decades. Peterson last worked for Cumulus before they sold the station to a religious broadcaster which flipped the format from talk.


As of this morning Peterson has 811 paid subscribers on Patreon.

He’s using Buzzsprout to host the show.

Cumulus suspended Peterson for three days back in April for comments he made about Representative Lucy McBath

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution Peterson is planning to do three shows every week, 90 minutes in length.

Check out the show HERE and let us know if you’d pay $6.00 per month to listen.




  1. I don’t think I’d pay $6 to follow a podcast, unless it was someone offering something that enhanced my life dramatically! I’d also only pay if the money was going towards something other than the podcaster’s pockets (ie: a charity or cause) I supported).

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