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Why This Survivor Launched

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Misty Chaviers is a domestic violence survivor. She launched a podcast several years ago and now uses the show to help others. Here’s Misty’s story in her own words…

“Hi my name is Misty Chaviers. I’m from a small Town in Central Alabama. I’m 45 years old and I’m a Domestic Violence survivor. As a survivor I had kept my story to myself for 26 years. In 2019 I was very sick, hooked to oxygen, and I was thinking this is my last chance to talk about what nearly took my life before I lose my life. I decided to start a podcast. I named the podcast I’m a Survivor Podcast.

“After I started the podcast I went on this amazing journey to find myself and figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I came off oxygen and I became a Nationally Recognized victims advocate. I joined other advocates around the country and started advocating online. Then I started advocating in my own small community to help women get out of abuse. I then decided to open my platform for other survivors to tell their stories and I have had several opportunities to talk to women who overcame abuse and are now thriving. I even did a podcast with a Ted Bundy survivor named Kathy Kleiner.

“Last March I was offered my dream job, to be a advocate and case manager and get paid for doing it. I took a job opportunity from a large non profit here in Alabama and I gave up my disability because this is my purpose and passion for living.

“Some days I struggle but that’s okay. So the Journey continues and I’m excited for 2023 and the success the podcast will have this coming year.”

Listen to Misty’s show HERE. Contact her by e-mail at

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