Why Podcasts Are Perfect For This Advertiser


2014 was a big year for the company MeUndies. It was the year they shifted from Facebook ads to podcasts, and business took off.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports podcasting as “the newest phenomenon in media-buying.” MeUndies founder and CEO Jonathan Shokrian explained the attraction to podcat advertising. “For us, it resembled the same characteristics as a friend referral.”

MeUndies was early to the game, according to Boomberg Businessweek, and got behind some of its budding stars: Tim Ferris, Marc Maron, Anna Faris, and Bill Simmons.

In the four years since it first started buying podcast slots, MeUndies has sold almost 9 million pairs of underwear. It now has 144 employees and expects to post $75 million in sales this year. Podcasts remain one of its biggest expenses and comprise one-third of its marketing budget.