Why Apple Rejects Your Show


One of the biggest complaints we hear podcasters talk about when it comes to Apple is having their show rejected and not being told why. Apparently the big dog has heard you loud and clear. In an email to podcasters Tuesday night, Apple posted an update to its approval process with more detailed reasoning as to why shows are rejected.

You can find those reasons in the “My Podcasts” section of your Apple account.

You can also read them below:

Podcasts, and content linked from podcasts, cannot contain any of the following:
– Password protection
– Use of explicit language in the podcast when the <explicit> tag is not set to “yes”
– Explicit or self-censored explicit language in podcast titles, subtitles, or descriptions
– References to illegal drugs, profanity, or violence in the podcast title, description, or artwork
– Content that could be construed as racist, misogynist, or homophobic
– Content depicting graphic sex, violence, gore, illegal drugs, or hate themes
– Third-party trademarks or content without authorization or usage rights
– The words “Apple Music,” “Podcasts app,” “iTunes Store,” “iTunes,” or “Apple Inc.”
– Content which is irrelevant or spam
– iTunes Store logo, Apple logo, Apple Podcasts logo, or the term “Exclusive” without prior authorization from Apple
– Podcasts with technical problems or without any episodes will be removed. If you do not update your podcast with new episodes, your podcast may disappear from some areas of Apple Podcasts but will continue to be available via search on Apple Podcasts and in the Podcasts app.

If your show is rejected but does not fall into one of the reasons above, you are asked to contact Apple directly.

Apple also wants to remind you that if you plan to submit a show during the holidays, do not expect your show to be approved quickly. Apple, like most companies, takes a break for the holidays. So if you plan to release new shows on Apple Podcasts in December, be aware of delays in the review of new submissions between December 21, 2018, and January 2, 2019. Shows submitted during this window may not be reviewed within Apple’s regular time frame of five business days. .


  1. Am I reading that right? “Cannot contain any of the following”:
    – The words “Apple Music,” “Podcasts app,” “iTunes Store,” “iTunes,” or “Apple Inc.”
    Geez~ This feels a little like the GMO seed company who sues the non GMO seed-using farmer because their GMO seed blew over to his land. Wow. “The company that shall not be named”.

  2. I have only one program that we’re having trouble with and I look forward to logging into the back-end tonite to see what reason they’ve offered. I’ve got it on every other directory (for almost 2 months now) and each of the 4 times I’ve resubmitted, we’d gotten nothing in the way of viable detail and were left guessing. i’m also curious – who was the Author here?

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