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Why Alex Cooper Shifted Her Content

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The Call Her Daddy host become a well-known podcast host for her sex and dating chatter while at Barstool Sports. Now, over on Spotify, the 27-year old talks about much more than her personal life and her show remains very popular. A length piece in The New York Times Magazine will certainly add to that success (subscription needed).

In a long interview in The New York Times Magazine Cooper said that after she went to Spotify, it took her listeners awhile to realize they didn’t get a sex tip this week. “If you keep doing the same thing, it can almost become like a sitcom, where you think, I can miss today’s episode. I’m trying to make “Call Her Daddy” like a friggin’ HBO show, where you’re like, I cannot miss this week because I don’t know what’s about to go down. So I push into the uncomfortable moments of some interviews. People love to be uncomfortable. Listeners think they like to feel cozy. No. People love to feel a little on edge.”

Cooper also tells the Times, she believe her biggest competition is herself. “My show is one of the biggest shows in the world. In my category there is nothing above it. That is why I can, not arrogantly but confidently, say I am my own competition. Which can be worse than having someone to catch up to. I have to find my own way to motivate myself. But that’s not ever been my problem because I live in a bubble. I cannot not work. My competitiveness is like, I want to have the No. 1 show in the world. I want to break every record possible.”

Read the full Alex Cooper profile piece at The New York Times Magazine HERE (Subscription required)

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