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Who's the Greatest Pitcher Ever?

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Fans love to debate who the greatest player of all time is in every sport and the new podcast GOATS: On the Bump, featuring current Blue Jay’s pitcher Ross Stripling, does just that. This first season is about the best pitchers of all time.

The first episode, available now, features a talk with Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw about the career of Sandy Koufax and future episodes will discuss players like John Smoltz, Bob Gibson, and Greg Maddux and how they would do in MLB today. The show is produced by Jam Street Media.

“To be able to get one of the current, best pitchers in baseball to help me uncover those awesome facts to our listeners has been a real treat,” said Stripling. “For instance, how Kershaw and myself talked about how big Sandy Koufax’s hands are, and because of that we aren’t able to throw our curveballs the way Sandy did. You literally would never know an awesome fact like that unless you listened to our podcast episode.”

“The inspiration for this show came from me binging Ken Burns Baseball,” said Matty Staudt, President of Jam Street Media. “I love hearing great players talk about the guys from the past that inspired them. We love working with Ross, he’s an amazing podcaster who just has an ease behind the mic you can’t teach.”

Future guests will include pitchers Trevor Bauer, Alex Wood, Michael Wacha, and Jeff Passan.

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