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Who is The Real Patch Adams?

· Time to read: ~1 min

This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

How did a suicidal teenager become a revolutionary humanitarian peaceworker & global changemaker of joy, fun & love? In this 10-part narrative documentary podcast series, Patch’s son, Lars Adams & producer, Rainbow Valentine, dive deep with the real Patch Adams, doctor, clown, activist, philosopher, visionary, counter-culture icon & inspirational human, weaving together stories from Patch, his family, friends and colleagues, to find out how a bullied, suicidal misfit turned fearless, hippie-doctor-revolutionary became a 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

The Best Day of My Life: Patch Adams’ Journey to the Nobel Peace Prize features intimate father/son conversations about a total weirdo/visionary who has spent over 50 years unwaveringly subverting greed, loneliness & pain with whoopie cushions, rubber chickens, & rainbow costumes.


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