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The Genre With The Best Batting Average

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This is an archived page from 2023. Find out more

As Major League Baseball begins a new season, Edison Research is using its┬áPodcast Metrics data to figure out which genre has the best “batting average.”

Each podcast genre’s “batting average” was calculated by taking the number of times a genre appears in the top 200 podcasts (its hits) and dividing it by the number of times the genre appeared in the top 20,000 (its at-bats).

True Crime came out on top with 3.8% of all shows in the genre making the top 200, followed by Comedy with 2.7%, and News with 2.0%. Science and History also had above-average batting averages. The Society & Culture category had a below-average average, due to the volume of that genre’s shows in the top 20,000.

See Edison’s full “batting average” list here.

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