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Get Professional Feedback for Your Show

· Time to read: ~1 min

This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

For those looking for professional feedback then may have a solution for you with the launch of “The Edit” where for 20$ a month listeners submit an hour of audio into the Timber Discord server for extensive feedback.

They say you’ll get specific feedback in these areas:

  • Recording notes (any sound quality issues)

  • Soundscape (notes on music, sound design, and aural feel)

  • Personality (notes on host chemistry, humor, likability)

  • Stickiness (what’s keeping listeners engaged and where listeners might lose you)

  • Landmines (are there any no-nos like making blanket statements about a group of people)

  • Journalism notes (any journalistic concerns where fact-checking or additional research might be suggested?)

  • Story notes (how’s the storytelling? Is it immersive, shareable, can you follow it?)

  • Format notes (intro/outro/sections sound good and make sense and fit?)

  • Writing notes (if parts of the show are scripted, does the script need writing improvements?)

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