Where Do All Those Podcasts Go?


The Metropolitan New York Library Council, a non-profit organization that provides research, programming, and organizational tools for libraries, archives, and museums, has launched a new podcast about podcast preservation. It’s called Preserve This Podcast.

The council believes that podcasting is at risk of losing its archives from the early days. Preserve This Podcast addresses the threat of digital decay and spotlights individual producers as they learn and implement a series of best practices designed to help them preserve their podcasts for future generations.

And, apparently this issue is a big deal, according to Preserve This Podcast host and producer Molly Schwartz. “We’ve seen how changes in the industry – from the monetization of hosting and distribution services to the acquisition or dissolution of content production departments – can affect the availability and continued existence of podcast content. And with the launch of our podcast and workshops we hope to empower podcast producers and address what is an increasingly urgent issue.”

Featured podcasts include: Historically Queer — Community historian Alice Y. Hom presents stories of queer activism by people of color through the years. An Arm and a Leg — Reporter Dan Weissman delivers revealing and entertaining stories about the spiraling cost of healthcare in America. Spirits — History geeks Amanda McLoughlin and Julia Schifini take a boozy look at mythology, legends, and folklore from around the world, offering fresh takes on classic tales. The Oldest Profession — Comedian Kaytlin Bailey details the storied history of the world’s oldest profession and the sex workers who shape society.

The first episode of Preserve This Podcast launches March 21, 2019. Subsequent episodes will be published on Thursday every other week.

The first workshop will be held at the Metropolitan New York Library Council on Friday, March 22.

Want to know exactly what this podcast is going to be about? Listen to the trailer HERE. 


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