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What Went Wrong at the Podcasting Party House

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

The Verge senior reporter Ashely Carman broke a major and extensively reported story about a company called Himalaya that inflated the size of its $100 million seed investment and about the party house culture brought on by their executive Peter Vincer.

The new company he founded under Himalaya’s umbrella, HiStudios, soon had harassment suits against them from the lavish party lifestyle he embraced while trying to sell and promote podcasts and how public Vincer was with objectifying women. Himalaya publicly¬†separated itself from the studio on March 5th, 2020 and Vincer renamed it Notorious. The police were called on a number of occasions to the party house in Los Angeles, and still, others say that they are still owed money.

The Podcasting Hype House from Hell” is a deep dive into issues that aren’t often reported on in podcasting.

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