What Should You Do About Giving Credit?


What the rules are when you podcast could get confusing. Especially when there really isn’t a rulebook you can pull up on your smartphone to keep you between the legal lines when you flip on that microphone. So, on the subject of giving credit where or when credit is due, we reached out to Jamie Lieberman from hashtag-legal.com for her thoughts.

Is simply mentioning where you found the content enough? Is listing it in your show notes with links enough? Here’s what Jamie had to say about all of that. “Just because you give someone credit does not mean you are not infringing on their intellectual property rights. I am always of the mindset to ask for permission. You don’t need this incredibly long document if you see something you want to use, shoot them an email and say I plan to use this for this purpose do I have your permission. That is the safest way. For some of the simple uses and want to give them credit that works.

Imagine that…just ask! You would think most people would want their work promoted – and credited – and not used in a sneaky way without permission.

By the way, Jamie hosts a podcast called The Fearless Business Podcast. In episode #79 she deals with a copycat issue of her own. Her law firm is Hashtag-legal and you can reach her at Jamie@hashtag-legal.com.