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What Does The Apple Announcement Mean For Podcasters?

· Time to read: ~2 min

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On Monday Apple announced a new feature called Delegated Delivery, allowing creators to upload, manage, and distribute their premium audio through third-party hosting providers. Among those hosting providers are Libsyn, Acast, Buzzsprout and Blubrry. We reached out to Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane to get his thoughts on what this feature really means to podcaters.

PBJ: Were you surprised by the Apple announcement Monday? Todd Cochrane: No we had been pre-briefed and were under NDA and working on our own announcements. This is a big move by Apple to do a pre-announcement, this is typically not their nature. PBJ: What does the Apple announcement REALLY mean for the average podcaster? Todd Cochrane: For new podcasters this is big in that it lowers the barrier to getting listed on Apple Podcasts. The average podcaster will now be able to have a single publishing point saving them time and allowing them to use the tools they are currently used to. ** PBJ: What does it mean for the industry?** Todd Cochrane: That Apple is listening to podcaster feedback along with their partners we provided input to this initiative as well. The Apple Podcast app is still by far the #1 media consumption app for listeners in terms of global podcast plays. ** PBJ: Have you noticed Apple paying more and more attention to podcasting? What does that mean?** Todd Cochrane: The Apple podcasting team in my opinion is fully vested in growing and we will continue to provide them feedback on the Podcast 2.0 initiatives publicly and privately they could help move the needle in a big way.

PBJ: What would you like to see them do next? Todd Cochrane: I have always said an Apple Podcast app for Android would be fabulous. But I am not going to hold my breath that will happen.

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