We’ve Reached The One Million Mark


Daniel J. Lewis  says there are now more than 1 million valid podcasts available in Apple Podcasts. Lewis issued a press release over the weekend that states he has verified that number through the service he launched back in 2018.

Lewis started publishing industry-level statistics in late 2018, which led to launching the Podcast Industry Statistics site when Apple Podcasts reached 800,000 valid podcasts on December 10, 2019. 

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen even more podcasts launched!” says Lewis, “You might think there would be fewer new podcasts, but perhaps the increased time at home has inspired more voices and a desire to connect with like-minded audiences. While we’ve normally seen around 50,000 podcasts launch in a 30-day period, these latest 30 days have welcomed more than 82,000 new podcasts!” 

Lews says not all podcasts are actively publishing new episodes. “46.5% of all podcasts in Apple Podcasts have published an episode in the last 90 days, up from about 40% that the data had shown for most of 2019. And nearly half of those podcasts (19.7% of the total) have published an episode within the last 7 days.”

Lewis added, “More people are starting new podcasts now than ever before! From the woman holding a mic in her closet to the corporate broadcasters, people worldwide are discovering the power of podcasting to authentically engage a passionate audience. I believe anyone can share a message to change the world, and podcasting is the best way to do that.” 


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