Westwood One Gets Political


Westwood One will distribute and sell a new podcast and weekend radio show with the McLaughlin Group. The podcast joins Westwood One Podcast Network on November 1, and the radio show will debut the weekend of December 7-8.

Political writer and commentator Tom Rogan hosts the series, with panel members Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, and Clarence Page. A new generation of panelists will also join the group, providing conversations around politics, culture, and foreign policy issues. Listeners can expect to hear content from the TV program as well as original bonus content in both the radio show and the podcast.

Tom Rogan said, “I’m excited that we have joined the Westwood One family and will reach new audiences across the nation. Our panelists are friends who disagree, agreeably. Their intellectual camaraderie is needed now more than ever.”


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