Westwood One Adds Newt To The Roster

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is teaming with Westwood One for a new show called ‘Newt’s World.’ The weekly podcast drops Sunday and will focus on a number of topics from history, health, national security, science, and others.
The inaugural episode of Newt’s World features the father of our country, the man who led the first Americans to freedom, George Washington.
The second episode, also launching on February 17, will describe what people are calling the largest U.S. House cover-up in history. Other soon-to-be-released episodes include, “Sally Can See – How Gene Therapy is Curing Childhood Blindness” and “5G – The Next Industrial Revolution.” Future episodes will explore the perils of opioid addiction, great leaders in history, advancements in organ transplantation, the nuances of spycraft, and many other interesting topics.
Newt Gingrich said, “I spend most of my time doing two things: learning and teaching. I’m looking forward to bringing others on the journey with me to fully explore fascinating topics together. Some weeks we’ll be talking about history, some weeks we’ll learn about the future, and others we’ll look at what is happening right now in culture, science, and events. We live in an amazing world, and there’s an enormous amount to learn and share.”