Westwood Keeps Growing Its Podcast Network


Westwood One is adding yet another podcast to its growing lineup. The Team Never Quit podcast is now part of the Westwood One Podcast Network. Team Never Quit is a one-hour weekly original podcast co-hosted by former Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford.

The two Frogmen know what it means to never give up. Luttrell’s epic story of survival, relayed in his international bestselling book, Lone Survivor, and box office smash hit movie of the same title, has touched many lives. He returned to battle in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. For the past 12 years, co-host Rutherford, a Navy SEAL/ CIA Contractor, motivational speaker, author, and performance coach has been inspiring people with his high-octane enthusiasm and unique brand of communicating. Together they are a living example of what they call the Never Quit mindset.

Rutherford said, “I’m beyond fired up to become a part of the Westwood One Podcast Network team. If you think Marcus, The Wizard, and I have accomplished our mission to teach millions of people the Never Quit mindset, then stand by, because with Westwood One in our platoon we are going to inspire the world to never quit! HOOYAH.”

Lutrell said, “The Team Never Quit podcast has been a passion project since day one, it’s incredible to hear the Never Quit stories of our guests and how it impacts our audience. I am excited about our partnership with Westwood One and look forward to seeing where it will go from here.”

Cumulus Media EVP of Marketing and Westwood One President Suzanne Grimes said, “Marcus and David are taking the podcast universe by storm, sharing uniquely inspiring storytelling infused with the powerful Never Quit message. With everything they have accomplished, this high-energy duo is ready to go to the next level. Westwood One Podcast Network is proud to partner with them and fuel their continued growth.”

Team Never Quit drops new episodes every Wednesday. You can listen to the show now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, WestwoodOnePodcasts.com, or the Westwood One Podcasts App for iOS or Android.