Webinar Helps Podcasters Build Their Brand


Media research company Coleman Insights is offering a webinar designed to help podcasters build stronger, more memorable brands. The “Outside Thinking for Podcasts” webinar is Thursday, September 12 at 2 p.m. ET.

“How do you get your podcast to stand out and cut through among the other 750,000-plus shows that are out there? You should start with developing a strong top-of-mind brand, and we’ll offer tangible tips to help your podcast generate awareness and loyalty as well as ways to optimize your content,” said Coleman Insights President Warren Kurtzman.

Based on a session originally presented at Podcast Movement 2019, the expanded webinar, hosted by Kurtzman and Executive Vice President/Senior Consultant John Boyne, will share recent research on podcast brands and a Q&A opportunity for attendees.

Registration is now open for the “Outside Thinking for Podcasts” webinar by clicking HERE.