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Ways Podcasters Are Collaborating

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(By Danielle Desir) Did you know that Pinterest can be a viable traffic driver to your podcast and foster new opportunities for collaboration with other podcasters?

Although many people consider Pinterest to be a social media site for discovering food recipes, travel destinations, workouts, and DIY projects, with over 2 billion monthly searches, podcasters can get in on all this action by using Pinterest to promote their shows.

In 2018 and beyond, consider using Pinterest as a visual search engine to help new listeners discover your show.

Create a following for your podcast on Pinterest by sharing photos as well as animated GIFs and videos. Yes, that’s right, you can upload videos to Pinterest!

Get More Downloads And Collaborate With Podcastors Through Pinterest How can you use Pinterest to get more downloads?

Create Pins and Repin

Drive traffic to your podcast website and ultimately increase your downloads by creating pins with high-quality photos or graphics for each episode. Since you can include one URL per pin, take advantage of the link back to your website or show notes.

Helpful Tip: Don’t forget to use keywords in your pin description to get found from search. Similar to Google, Pinterest uses algorithms to figure out what pins to display when users type in queries.

If you engage on Pinterest (follow your followers, repin and comment), over time Pinterest will drive traffic to your site. The best thing about using Pinterest is that it’s a free traffic source (paid promotion is optional).

Since starting The Thought Card in September 2018, Pinterest accounts for 18% of my overall site traffic.

How can you use Pinterest to collaborate with other podcasters?

It’s simple, once you’ve created quality pins for your show, invite other podcasters to contribute to your group boards on Pinterest.

Again, user engagement helps pins rank, so re-pinning is a great way to collaborate with other podcasters.

Contribute to Group Boards What is a group board?

Boards help you organize specific types of content, however, by contributing to group boards, anyone who follows the group board can potentially see your pin. That means more exposure for your content.

Who can potentially see your pins in group boards?

Anyone following the group board, including: - Group board owner’s followers - Contributor’s followers

Helpful Tip: Consider creating a generic group board for podcasters to contribute to, and niche boards for your specific niche. It’s best to create one board per type of content.

In summary, if you aren’t using Pinterest to increase downloads and collaborate with other podcasters, consider adding Pinterest to your marketing strategy.

In the future, I’m looking forward to getting more out of my audiograms by sharing my podcast videos on Pinterest. I’m curious to see how these promo videos will engage and convert Pinterest users to new subscribers of the show.

Danielle Desir is the founder of The Thought Card and can be reached at

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