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Here's Something For Walking Dead Fans

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Walking Dead fans should probably rejoice as two of their favorites from the series Sarah Wayne Callies and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are starring along with David Harbour from Stranger Things in a new iHeartMedia podcast Aftershock about surviving a massive earthquake and uncovering a deeper mystery.

Callies directed and co-created the 10-part series Aftershock which will premiere on July 14th about an earthquake so powerful that it caused an island to rise out of the ocean and will end with a cast roundtable discussion episode on September 15th.

“I’m an island girl, raised in Hawai’i, and this is my story about what it might look like if a new island appeared - who’d go there and why, what they might be running from, what they might be drawn to? At its heart, it’s a story about forgiveness and second chances,” said Callies. “It’s been wild, making Aftershock - recording in the pandemic - everyone gave their whole hearts, it was amazing. That kind of support from actors I’ve worked with my whole career - to come in for basically no money and do such brilliant work to support this thing, that means so much to me, it was deeply moving.  Aftershock is the first thing I’ve written, directed, produced, and starred in, and I’m so grateful to this cast - and the entire creative team from iHeartRadio to Salmira and all of the producers - for bringing this story to life.”

Aftershock is a labor of love,” said Morgan. “Recording during a pandemic gave us unexpected obstacles but by getting creative and bringing together old friends, we were able to produce an exciting and unique podcast filled with unexpected turns. It was a real pleasure supporting Sarah in this creative adventure and I can’t wait for folks to give it a listen.”

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