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Vox to Handle Marketing of 'Gastropod'

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This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

The foody website announced that food podcast Gastropod is forming a long-term partnership with Eater and the Vox Media Podcast Network starting with _Gastropod’_s August 3 episode where Vox will take on sales, marketing, and distribution.

“I am such a fan of _Gastropod’_s smart, authoritative, and compelling work,” says Eater editor-in-chief and SVP at Vox Media Amanda Kludt.

“Vox Media is such a strong media brand, and Eater plays such a major role in food coverage nationally — we knew that this had the potential to be an incredibly exciting step for Gastropod. We’re already overflowing with ideas" says _Gastropod _co-host Cynthia Graber.

“Longtime _Gastropod _listeners will know that, although we’re entertaining and informal, we are also journalists, with strong journalistic values. Curiosity, integrity, accuracy, and nuanced, critical reporting are at the heart of what we do — and that’s why we feel at home at the Vox Media Podcast Network and Eater" says _Gastropod _co-host Nicola Twilley.

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