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Vodacast Launches New App For Podcasters

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Auddia has released a public beta for podcasters with its Vodacast app and backend podcaster platform.

The company says Vodacast is both an interactive podcasting app for podcasters and consumers, as well as an interactive podcasting platform, providing podcasters the opportunity to enhance their episodes with rich, digital content feeds meant to compliment the audio. The company press release states “Interactive episodes allow podcasters to tell deeper, digital stories, while also enriching the look and feel of their brands.”

A part of the interactive podcasting platform is the Vodacast Hub, where podcasters can verify podcasts, create accounts and start building digital content feeds for their episodes. The design of the Hub is intended to help podcasters organize, research and publish content for upcoming episodes–an organizational tool to help publish digital episode content from one easy-to-use location.

Vodcast browser plugins will also allow podcasters to save webpage content to episode boards, so they can research and build episode feeds.

Vodacast’s digital feed allows supplemental content like photos, statistics, GIFs, and contextual links to be presented to the podcaster’s audience–nearly any supplemental content the podcaster wants to include–and can be linked to precise timestamps of the episode. The Vodacast Hub will also provide an Episode Feed Link that can be published in podcast show notes, allowing content to be syndicated across other podcast apps.

Michael Lawless, Auddia’s Chief Executive Officer said, “We’re excited to announce the public beta release of the Vodacast Hub. We designed the Hub to allow podcasters to quickly organize their content while researching upcoming episodes. Based on early data analysis, we’ve found that almost 90% of podcast fans engage with the content feed. Our hope is that podcasters can come up with creative ways to monetize the supplemental content they curate for their listeners.”

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