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Upside Down Network Announced

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Deadline announced that James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, hosts of Small Town Murder and Crime in Sports are launching the Upside Down Digital Network with the help of Art19 in a deal brokered by UTA.

The network will feature true crime and comedy podcasts, and will also venture into organized crime, personal narrative, interview-style, and serial/episodic shows.

Podcasts in development include Game of Crimes featuring real stories from state troopers and Life After Happy Face featuring actual stories of people who shared their lives with a killer or their victims.

“At Upside Down Digital Network, we’ll foster creativity and showcase the most riveting people and stories as we bring the highest quality shows to this ever-expanding medium,” said Whisman. “I’m proud of the hard work that this team has put in to create something different — not just for our audience, but also for creatively unique podcasters.”

Pietragallo added, “We believe in putting out shows that we want to hear, and it is our hope that other people think they’re as interesting as we do. If we wouldn’t want to listen, how could we expect anyone else to? That said, we couldn’t be more excited for the first two podcasts on our roster.”

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