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Turn Your Podcast Into a Money Machine

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Independent podcasters who are making big money from their shows are using Patreon. Some are making $5,000 per month, some are making $10,000 per month, some are making $30,000 per month. Patreon makes it easy for them to earn those big dollars.

These podcasters are not tethered to a network, they are not reading six ads per hour, and they do not fear that what they say will cost them advertisers. Podcasters using Patreon produce great content that their fans love enough to pay for. The more fans they attract, the more money they make. And Patreon brings those fans closer to show hosts on its easy-to-use platform.

On July 20, Radio Ink and Podcast Business Journal Editor Ed Ryan will interview the head of Creator Partnerships for Patreon, Avi Gandhi, during our 2nd annual Make Real Money Podcasting virtual conference.

There’s no better way to learn how to make money from your podcast than hearing it from a company that’s already helping so many podcasters make money!

If you want to take your podcast to the next level … REGISTER NOW. If you want to stop calling your podcast a side hustle … REGISTER NOW. If you want to take control of your financial future … REGISTER NOW.

Avi Gandhi Is the Real Deal! Before joining Patreon, Avi launched and ran Wheelhouse DNA, the digital and audio division of Jimmy Kimmel and Brent Montgomery’s Wheelhouse. Previously, he was one of the first digital media talent agents at WME, where he was recognized by Forbes as 30 Under 30 and Variety as one of Hollywood’s New Leaders for being one of the first Hollywood agents to represent digital creators, pioneering new D2C content models and helping to launch WME’s podcast and gaming businesses.

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