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Why Was This Podcast Pulled?

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The podcast Hold Still, Vincent that was produced by Gemma Chan of Crazy Rich Asians and hosted by actor John Cho about the 1982 murder of Vincent Chin was pulled after journalist Helen Zia noticed she was in it without being consulted.

The death of Vincent Chin in Highland Park, Michigan in 1982 sparked a civil rights revolution as he was killed in America strictly for being Asian (although it’s believed they thought he was Japanese).

Variety reported on this story and said that: Annie Tan, a cousin of Vincent Chin, confirmed in a Twitter thread May 27 that in fact no one in Chin’s family had been contacted about Hold Still, Vincent either.

“I tried listening to the Hold Still, Vincent Chin podcast (honestly the title is triggering to me as a cousin), and the disclaimer in the beginning that events were fictionalized for dramatic effects made me stop playing,” Tan wrote in part. “And it’s hard for me to say this because I want people to know my cousin Vincent Chin’s story. But I just don’t get it.”

After the revelation, A-Major Media apologized to Zia and the Chin family on May 29 and said the podcast would be pulled from distribution.


Gary Baumgarten -

Just a slight correction. Vincent Chin was murdered in Highland Park, Michigan, not Detroit. Highland Park is an enclave of Detroit.

#### [jdudley1]( "") -

I’ll make that slight change. Thank you!

#### [Gordon Firemark]( "") -

This report seems to end abruptly, without stating any facts… Who decided to “pull” the podcast? Why? (merely because someone who feels she should’ve been consulted wasn;t? or someone is mentioned without her consent?) the lawyer in me wants more!

#### [Gordon Firemark]( "") -

Tune in Thursday (FB live) for my ’take’ on this situation - The Podcast Lawyer™ Live.

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