Triton Says Stitcher Still Number One


SiriusXM’s Stitcher was the top podcast platform according to the October Triton Digital Podcast Ranker. Stitcher came in with nearly 59.8 million average weekly downloads and 15.5 million average weekly users.

NPR came in second with over 35.3 million AWDs and 15.5 million AWUs.

The Audacy Podcast Network was third with 33 million AWDs and 8.6 million AWUs.

The top 20 podcast publishers enjoyed a collective 241.5 million downloads, with NPR News Now taking the top spot, followed by Audiochuck’s Crime Junkie and NBC’s Dateline.

The report included data collected between October 3 and October 30, 2022.

The top 10 podcast platforms by AWUs were:

  1. Stitcher Media (15.5 million)
  2. Audacy Podcast Network (8.6 million)
  3. Wondery (7.75 million)
  4. NPR (6.45 million)
  5. Audioboom (5.34 million)
  6. Cumulus Podcast Network (4.14 million)
  7. NBC Universal News Group (3.83 million)
  8. WarnerMedia (1.95 million)
  9. Kast Media (1.81 million)
  10. Paramount (1.72 million)

The top 10 podcasts by AWD were:

  1. NPR News Now (NPR)
  2. Crime Junkie (Audiochuck)
  3. Dateline NBC (NBC Universal News Group)
  4. Morbid (Wondery)
  5. Up First (NPR)
  6. The Ben Shapiro Show (Cumulus Podcast Network)
  7. The Don Bongino Show (Cumulus Podcast Network)
  8. My Favorite Murder… (Wondery)
  9. Smartless (Wondery)
  10. Fresh Air (NPR)


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