Treat Your “First Followers” Like Royalty


(By Troy Price) My wife usually shows me stuff she finds online that mainly consists of the newest study on how to find your Zen or how to eat better. Last time, when she flipped her phone around for me to watch, I was amazed to see some shirtless guy dancing in a field of partygoers. A moment later, another guy joined him and then everybody in the field started dancing. The video then replayed the clip in slow motion and a narrator summarized what happened.

The point of the video is that the most important event of the progression of the dancing is not the first dancer (the “Leader”) dancing, the most important part of getting everyone to dance was the second guy who danced, the “First Follower.” The video offers lots of food for thought and my wife loves it. Google “First Follower Video,” you will be glad you did!

Podcasters can use this First Follower principle to grow an audience. Here is how it works.

1) As a podcaster, your “First Follower” is the first person that reaches out to you about your show. Treat the person that sends the first email, voicemail, comment, or tweet as if they are royalty. Really get to know them. Engage with them in a way that they tell everyone they know about this podcaster that they know.

2) You need to have easy ways for your First Followers to talk about you. A few examples that they would appreciate are: Introductory posts to you and your podcast that can be easily shared; many engaging tweets; and always, always, always consistently put out content that they would want to share.

3) Lastly, promote your First Followers. Talk fondly in public about the people that have reached out to you. Give a shout-out to your First Followers when they initially reach out and then regularly afterwards. Maybe even give these special people a unique, catchy group name. Something like OGs, or True Believers, or Co-Pilots could create an atmosphere of exclusivity among your entire audience that would inspire everyone to want to be a part of it. Your new listeners will quickly reach out to you because they want the special connection that you have with your First Followers.

This type of audience engagement will create the audience growth and increased statistics that you crave. Let me know how that technique works for you, or even reach out if you are having trouble finding that video. I will tell my wife to send it to you…

Troy Price is the co-founder of Front Porch Studios in Berea, Kentucky. He’s been involved with podcasting for over a decade. Reach Troy by email at