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Traci Answers Your Coronavirus Questions

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It’s been a crazy time for sure. Podcast listening is up, podcast listening is down. Who cares really? Most of us are still side hustling to put out great content no matter what. Here’s Traci answering three of your most asked questions about podcating during a pandenic.

QUESTION: I’m feeling anxious about how CoVid19 has impacted my podcast. Should I be concerned about my downloads? TRACI: There’s always been varied interpretations on listeners and downloads. The virus is changing daily, our lives are changing daily so why wouldn’t our listenership and downloads be ever-changing right now? The best thing you can do as a podcaster is keep on doing what you’ve always been doing. Do your best to continue creating great content and releasing your episodes consistently. The entire world is in flux so try not to be affected by fluctuations in your stats.

QUESTION: Should I change the focus of my podcast content during the pandemic? TRACI: If you’re using your podcast as a marketing tool for your business, it’s a good time to let your audience get to know you better. Let them behind the scenes of how you are pivoting your day to day operations, talk about how your routine has been affected. Don’t be afraid to express your fears and show vulnerability and connect on that level. We are all humans having this human experience and the willingness to let people see that side of you is a perfectly acceptable content strategy right now.

QUESTION: I’m juggling child care, homeschooling and working from home due to the virus. I can’t even think about recording a podcast, much less find a quiet space to record one! What can I do, so I don’t lose momentum or listeners? TRACI: I get it! The world is in uncharted territory, and we are all doing our best to navigate our emotional, physical and financial state right now. If you are finding that you can’t release a new episode at all right now, give your self permission to upload archived episodes and run them as flashback or throwback episodes. If you find you have the time and/or budget to edit your archived episodes, you can extract segments of the content and re-purpose them as mini-episodes. If you can only do one thing, record a personal update episode and get real with your audience about what is going on with you. They will appreciate hearing the vulnerability in your story. You can also give them a dose of inspiration or simply let them know you will be coming back when life gets back to what normal looks like for you.

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