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How to Get Your Show to 100k Downloads

· Time to read: ~1 min

This is an archived page from 2021. Find out more

Arielle Nissenblatt, the founder of Earbuds Collective, announced on Twitter that she was ending her show Counter Programming with her friend Shira they founded in April of 2020 and she shared her tips for how the show got to almost 100k downloads.

Here are the tips she shared on how their weekly show got that many downloads even though it wasn’t on a network and they didn’t spend money on ads.

1. Clear and concise messaging AKA over-communication - ie make sure your show says what you want it to say

2. Strategic promo & social swaps - look for shows similar to your own

3. Pitching AND catching - Have an attractive pitch for your show and be attentive to other’s pitches as well

4. Sporadic guesting - Make sure your dynamic with your co-host or hosts is right before accepting guests

5. In-app placement - Look for promo opportunities from the various podcast apps available.

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