Three Ways To Keep Your Content Fresh in 2020


(By Scott Carson) Yep, its that time of the year again where everyone starts looking at their numbers for the year and starts planning on the new year (or in this case, a new decade) to be better than the last. But unfortunately, not everyone finds it easy to come up with content for their shows that will help them entertain their audience while also growing and monetizing their podcast. Growing your podcast takes a lot more thought then just recording and editing an episode and throwing it up on iTunes. If you are planning on being around and avoiding podfade, then these three tips will keep the content fresh and help you “prime the pump” for new episodes.

  1. National Taco Day
    What does National Taco Day have to do with podcasting? Well everyone loves tacos! But more importantly, if you check out the list of yearly “national day” I bet that you’ll find several each month that can fall in line with your podcasting audience. National Social Media Day (June 30th) and International Podcast Day (September 30th) are just two examples of days that you can schedule into your content calendar. And who doesn’t want to celebrate National Bloody Mary or Margarita day on their shows! Check out for the full list of National Days in 2020.
  1. Movie Releases
    Most of us look forward to the blockbuster movie releases that come out during the holidays and summer months. So why not use some of the marketing from the movie studios to help you gain some traction and drive some listeners to your show? We all love movies and if you search the movie release dates for 2020, I’m sure that you can find something that will fit into your niche and provide you with content that your audience will enjoy.
  1. Conferences & Events
    When planning for the new year, usually the first thing that I’ve crossed off my calendar are the days surrounding some of the conferences or events that I’m planning on attending. If that event falls inline with your niche, why not reach out to the event coordinators and see if they offer a media pass where you’ll interview them, their speakers, or vendors as a way of not only helping to promote the event, but add content to your podcast. Another helpful idea is to record some live episodes from the event and get the word out to your audience that you’ll be in their market or at the event and give them an opportunity to join in and be a part of a live recording or even on the show. There are a ton of smaller conferences or Meetup groups across the country that you can leverage and create win-wins for your show and those hosting the event. This is also a great way to be added as a speaker or panelist to these events to help you expand your audience as well.

Whatever you end up doing in 2020 with your podcast, a little bit of planning and identifying opportunities can go along way in spicing up your content and adding not only value to your listeners but have them talking and sharing your show to their friends. These tips aren’t designed to replace the original content that you’ve become known for, but to simply help you when you’ve got a mind block on what you should be sharing with your listeners. Happy Hunting!

Scott Carson is the CEO of WeCloseNotes and can be reached at