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Three Easy Ways To Boost Your Bookings

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(By Scott Carson) Who doesn’t love being a guest on someone else’s podcast? Especially if you are busting your tail to deliver content and grow your audience on a regular basis. And one of the most effective methods I’ve used to grow my audience and numbers is to focus on adding guest appearances on other relevant shows to our weekly marketing calendar. At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to be a guest on 100 other podcasts this year. As of today, I’ve appeared on 105 and already have 20 interviews booked for 2020. And I’ve seen a direct correlation between an increase in my podcast’s downloads and my guest appearances on other similar podcasts. Now, while my show is a very small niche in real estate, I’ve leveraged my expertise along with a couple of other important facets that have led to so many guest spots, and that can also help anyone else looking to do the same.

1. Leverage Linked In. Linked In is one of the most important tools that I’ve used to increase my bookings. By searching for “podcast hosts” and adding my niche (Real Estate) to the search box, I’ve instantly found the 16,700 potential podcast shows inside of the 428,000-plus podcast hosts out there on Linked In. I try to send an individual email or connection request to 20 a week, and I make sure to include a link to a short, two-minute “pitch” video where I share my expertise, energy, and why I would make for an awesome guest on their podcast. I might mention a few guests that we have in common or something about a current episode of theirs, or offer up a potential episode swap. But most importantly, make sure you have a complete and up-to-date Linked In profile!

2. Be Professional. When I’m reaching out to other shows on other social media platforms, I always try to be professional. I share that I’m also a podcaster and that I’ve got an audience of my own that I’m willing to share the episode with. I also value their show and time. What are they looking for? Who have they had on recently that might have a similar message, and how I can adjust my topics or discussion to add value to their audience? You also must keep your content fresh as a guest. Repeating the same topics or stories repeatedly not only hurts you as a guest, it also reduces the energy and originality that podcast hosts are looking for. The last thing any podcast host wants is the same thing you’ve said on 20 other shows. Be original, be fresh, and don’t be afraid to be yourself! It also helps to have some highlights or a current Media One sheet that you can send along, highlighting your expertise on the subject matter.

3. Build a Network. Once you’ve had a few guests on your show or had the pleasure of appearing on a few others, it makes sense for you to encourage this network to start networking. Keep in mind that while you might not be a fit for every spot, someone that you’ve had on your show might be an awesome fit for that person’s show. One way to easily build your network is to start a Facebook group for your guests and show appearances. This group doesn’t need to be huge to bring value. Smaller groups often allow for better networking opportunities for people as you can share your appearances on other shows while also promoting your guests. The more your network can share about what’s going on in their business or podcast, the different opportunities that you have for referrals to shows inside and outside of your network. Who doesn’t love hearing, “I’ve got an awesome referral for you” without having to do anything? Don’t be afraid to help those other podcasters with less experience grow. You never know when its going to come back 10-fold!

Getting booked on other podcasts doesn’t have to be a costly or intense process that adds a lot of extra work to your plate. If you simply strategize and use some of the simple tools and strategies mentioned, you’ll find your calendar filling up with spots, and your numbers increasing, while other listeners will want to hear more about what you have to share on your show too. Happy Hunting!

Scott Carson is the host of the Note Closers Show Podcast. He can be reached at

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