Those Family Ghosts Are Back


Family Ghosts‘ second season has begun, launching May 14, and dropping two new episodes — the first installments in a three-part series on the Love Family Cult.

“Our team has worked so hard to build on the vision we laid out in our first season, and I’m so thrilled that listeners will finally get to hear the fruits of those efforts,” said Family Ghosts creator and host Sam Dingman. “We’ve done our best to assemble a diverse, eclectic array of stories and storytelling styles to share with the Ghost Family.”

The 10-episode (plus bonuses) season will investigate a diverse array of family legends. A psychedelic commune, internment camp survivors, a long-lost stack of secret love letters, a scandalous affair, something called the Chinese Food Incident…

Family Ghosts season 2 has moved to Spoke Media from Panoply. “The stories Sam and his team weave on Family Ghosts are special — they stick with you long after you hear them,” said Spoke Media co-founder & EVP of Content, Alia Tavakolian. “I’m so excited that Spoke gets to be a part of that.”

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